Fun Ways To Display Decorative Pins

When someone wishes to show off decorative Lapel pins that they had collected, they have several options to accomplish this feat. Ensuring pins are located in an area where they are sure to draw attention while keeping them safe from harm in the process is necessary. Here are a few ways to show off a pin collection.

Consider Purchasing A Lanyard

Lanyards come in a variety of colors and styles, making them very versatile as a result. They can also be embellished with pins, giving them an entirely new look to those who view them. Pins will be within reach, allowing the user the advantage of keeping tabs on their whereabouts at all times. Pins can be positioned to show off pins by size or color if desired. They can also be moved around to new spots on a lanyard whenever the wearer wishes.

Use A Jacket Or Hat To Keep Pins Within View

Placing pins on a denim jacket or cap is one way to give articles of clothing a fresh, new appearance. This style was popular in the eighties and nineties, but is making a comeback as more and more people collect pins that hold special meanings to them. It is best to cover pin backings with pieces of tape to keep the body free from injury when wearing these wonderful clothing enhancements.

Place Pins Inside A Lit Cabinet

A cabinet can be used to display pins if the user does not wish to wear them out of fear of losing one while they are out and about. Pieces of cloth can be strategically placed over books or other risers upon shelving inside of a cabinet. Pins can then be easily attached to the cloth so the design side of each one can be viewed without obstruction. Use battery-powered lights inside of a glass front cabinet to make pins gleam with illumination. This will enhance the coloring and will make it easier to read any text and see the details of each pin. Make sure to point lights toward special pins so they are highlighted among a bunch when displaying.