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Causes of TMJ and Root Canal Problems TMJ disorders can be caused by various factors. Among the causes is arthritis, both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid, which can cause some degeneration of the jaw bone region. Degeneration of the region can affect how the temporomanidibular works. As we grow old, the temporomanidibular typically wears down. Trauma is also known to cause TMJ. Examples of trauma activities that can lead to TMJ include bruxism and teeth grinding. If you grind your teeth when sleeping, you are likely to be suffering from bruxism. The distinct positions that the jaw goes by along with the continuous motion can have an effect on the joint. Abnormal or excessive position of the jaw can lead to some discomforts.
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Improve composite fillings or bonding and incorrect bite alignment can also cause TMJ. The joint can end up extending itself more when our oral cavity structure is modified. Treatment TMJ Syndrome
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The dental skilled is qualified to treat the temporomandibular joint disorder in his patient. Some of the symptoms you may experience when you have TMJ include popping sounds, dizziness, migraines and pain. All these symptoms may possibly take place a single at a time or together. However, you may not get all the symptoms. The symptoms you are experiencing can determine the treatment that the doctor will opt for. One of the treatments the dentist can opt for is application of ice packs on the swollen jaw. Resting the affected region by avoiding solid foods or foods that require heavy chewing also helps. However the rest period needs interspersed with exercises. The dentist will initially instruct the patient the right way to do the workouts. The dentist will also inform you of the number of times you should be exercising the jaw bones. You’ll find invasive procedures just like washing out, injections and an operation to help relieve the inflammation or eliminate the swelling. For example, a cleansing resolution is utilized to wash out the temporomandibular joint by way of the use of an injection.Another needle is inserted into the area to suction out the remedy. After this process, any discomfort you may have been feeling will be relieved. Pain relief medication can also be straight injected into the region. Replacement surgery is from time to time suggested but could be an extreme selection that does tiny to help. Surgery will ensure you no longer feel pain on the jaws since the joint will have been replaced. However, before your dentist considers surgery, he/she will first explore all the treatment options available. When you have TMJ, it is important to get treatment from an experienced dentist. The above is what you should know about TMJ symptoms and its treatment.