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How to Select a Personal Injury Attorney

Figuring in an accident can change your life forever. What you do following the incident will dictate how the coming years will be. To keep your prospects positive, one of the most vital things you do is hiring a personal accident lawyer.

Definitely, these attorneys are not all the same, and it’s a must to put in a little effort to know who’s right for you.

Looking for Prospects

Your own social circle makes a great resource when you need to make smart decisions. Ask them if they know of any reputable personal injury lawyer you may consider. If you can’t get any personal recommendations, the Internet is always there at your disposal. Read client reviews, but stay within trusted independent consumer websites to avoid biased testimonials. At this point, all you have to do is put together a list of quality prospects.

Knowing the Candidates

After writing down the names of a few prospective lawyers, research their backgrounds each. Go directly to your local bar association’s website and see if they are of good standing. Or Google the names of the lawyers you’re considering and explore their websites. You should look for details about their professional background, like their areas of practice and length of experience as a lawyer.

Experience Handling Personal Injury Cases

Find a lawyer whose practice has been devoted to personal injury cases over the last five years at least. It’s important that your lawyer is a personal injury specialist, or you may not get the results you want. Keep in mind that you will be up against an insurer that pays high-calibre lawyers to reduce their payouts. You should find someone who will be a good match to them.

Interviewing the Lawyer

Now that you know the backgrounds of each of your prospective lawyers, choose two or three whom you think are the best and set an appointment with them. The initial meeting with a lawyer is generally free-of-charge, so use it to your advantage by relevant questions. Should he take your case, for instance, how does he intend to tackle it? Very importantly, if the situation calls for it, will he take your case to trial? If so, look at his track record for winning personal injury cases.

This is also a good time to look into the lawyer’s personality and see whether you will click together. After all, this business relationship will hardly work if your personalities are bound to clash.

Lastly, ask your prospects for at least two or three names of their previous clients whom you can talk to. Make sure you call these clients and let them tell you how their experience went with the lawyer. Remember to ask how much was removed from their compensation as contingency fees.

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