Why Should You Expunge Oklahoma Court Records?

In Oklahoma, local laws help individuals expunge their records based on a deferred sentence or a dismissal of charges. The process allows them to remove or seal off certain aspects of their criminal record. The elimination of the records could provide the individual with a brighter future free of assumptions. A local attorney helps these individuals expunge Oklahoma court records entirely.

Eliminating Invalid Charges

Any criminal charge that didn’t result in a conviction qualifies for expungement. For this reason, the individual has the legal right to petition the district court to achieve this objective. This could apply to deferred sentences for which other obligations were assigned and fulfilled. If the request is granted, the record is sealed off and access to it is no longer permitted.

Becoming Gainfully Employed

By removing the records, the individual has a chance of becoming gainfully employed. Felony charges and misdemeanors that are classified as dangerous crimes can prevent these individuals from getting jobs. Industries that require the individual to work with money or with children. If the employer conducts a criminal background check, the individual may be denied employment. This could leave them to work at low-earning jobs ranging around minimum wage.

Avoiding a Denial for a Lease

Apartment complexes often cater to families with children or the elderly. Applicants who want to secure an apartment must submit to a criminal background check. If the record isn’t expunged, it will appear on the applicant’s record. The property manager can deny access to an apartment due to a risk to other tenants.

Mitigating Risks Associated with Future Offenses

The elimination of records for which there wasn’t a conviction could prevent added penalties. When an individual is arrested and charged formally, the prosecution assesses their criminal history. These records can appear on the criminal history can result in further punishment based on a previous record.

In Oklahoma, local laws identify legal avenues for remove certain charges from a criminal background or history. The charges must result in a dismissal based on no evidence or an alternate sentence offered by the judge. Individuals who want to start the process contact an attorney right now.